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Lucy - Journey of Lessons A novel about a struggling teenager who finds herself in an unfamiliar place and time, learning on t.. Product #: book-lessons Regular price: $25.00 $25.00 1

Lucy - Journey of Lessons

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Lucy, a rebellious teen, is not interested in school, her family or the church she attends. She wonders at the passion of her parents towards a God she does not know or understand. Her interest instead lies in the direction of a young man who is considered unacceptable, with his defiant and nonconformist attitude. These dark character traits, and his desire for trouble are a magnet Lucy finds hard to resist. Feeling unwell during a meal with her family, Lucy curls up on her bed and falls into a fitful and restless sleep and when she awakes she finds that her world is no longer as she knew it. It will be a hard and rewarding journey of lessons that will change her life forever.

The Author: Joelle is happily married and a mother of three. She has a journalism degree and loves a good story, especially when there is a happy ending. She lives in Queensland Australia.

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