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Andre’a Simmons has owned and operated several successful businesses throughout her life and has achieved her milestone by becoming a millionaire by age 21.

After having a life changing experience and loosing everything, including almost her life to the drug ICE, Andre’a began devoting her life to the needs of those suffering from ICE addiction. This passion led her to begin educating others on the dangers and effects of ICE use.

Over the past year, Andre’a has communicated nationally with service providers to act as a referral point for addicts & families in need.

Andre’a is now implementing the Australian Anti Ice Campaign in Australia which is a proven role model program successfully run in the USA for the past ten years, reducing ICE use in 8 states by up to 80%. This Program consists of school based education, community forums, social media saturation, national billboards and TV commercials with outstanding results.

Further to this, Andre’a (AAIC) has completed dual diagnosis training and has partnered up with Optimal Health Group (OHG) to deliver this training to communities throughout Australia, equipping them with brief & early intervention tools and establishing family support groups nationally.

AAIC ‘s auspice is ‘Future For Kids International’, who have been working with kids and youth for several years and recognize the desperate need to implement these community development programs.

Andre’a’s vision is to show that ICE can steal, kill and destroy anyone who tries it, even once. AAIC has embraced the motto in the USA, ‘notevenonce.com’.