Highly Addictive Drug ICE is Destroying Lives Daily - Please Help Us Warn Our Nation

People are dying out there... The drug ICE is spreading over our nation and killing our loved ones!!! This highly addictive substance ICE (methamphetamine) is more soul destroying and addictive than any other illicit drug available on the market. From the moment you start using it, ICE starts to consume your soul, destroy your body, and erode your moral standards resulting in destructive behaviour combined with the breakdown of family values and a negative impact on society. Many users of this drug are unaware of the heavy consequences associated with the delusional affects of ICE. Too often long term addiction to methamphetamine will result in permanent irreversible damage to the body, mind and soul. Many addicts are crippled by the effects of ICE, which disables their ability to stop this destructive cycle; and the effects are devastating.

I was one of the very lucky few to escape its horrific entrapment. I was fortunate enough to break free from the stranglehold of ICE. Think about this.

It could have been You or God forbid your child. We never think it could happen to us, but it does. Unfortunately this drug has infiltrated its way into society targeting our young generation's social environment with utterly horrific results.

Not only is Ice being used as a party/sexual drug by our youth but is also being used by high esteemed members of our society for stress relief and performance enhancement which has the reverse effect of its intended use.

We need to warn our kids of the destructive effect of this drug before they are offered it.

Until now we have been dealing with the impact of this highly destructive and addictive drug in a reactive way, with little or no result.

AAIC recruits and trains people who have recovered from ice addiction to deliver high impact education workshops to raise awareness and educate youth. Using people with lived experience graphically highlights the incredible dangers of trying ICE even once.

The In School Education Workshops comprise of a 75 minute interactive lesson delivering information relating to the following:

* The short and long term effects associated with ICE use;

* The dangers and toxicity of the ingredients in ICE;

* The mechanism of ICE addiction;

* The effects on the brain, body, relationships and community;

* The risks of trying ICE even once;

* Communicating the risks of ICE to their peers and to take action to prevent use.

The effects of ICE are immediate and highly addictive. The user is drawn in to a false sense of self and selfishness; nothing else matters more than the next fix and they will do anything to get their next hit. Crimes, corruption, prostitution and anti social behaviour become rampant as a result and law enforcement and hospital emergency rooms are stretched to capacity when dealing with the ICE user. They are often violent and destructive under the influence, resulting in abuse (both physical and verbal) of nursing staff and law enforcement officers .

ICE is not only a killer, but also an extremely expensive habit to maintain and is currently costing our economy a tremendous amount of tax payer dollars to combat its effects. This money would be better spent on education and awareness to enable intervention at its inception. As a nation we must be pro-active and diligent if we are to have any impact whatsoever on this highly destructive drug, as it is killing our young people, ruining our lives, eroding corrupting and undermining the very fabric of our society.

The AAIC Education Workshops have been highly acclaimed within Schools, the Youth Justice System, Child Safety, within our Prison System and in Mines as well as Workplaces. You can view many of these testimonials at www.australianantiicecampaign.org.au/about-us/testimonials

The National Ice Task-force 2015 Report identified a tripling of ICE use among Australian teenagers over a six year period.

Research conducted at the University of South Australia found brain wave patterns similar to Early Onset Parkinson's Disease in teenagers after only five or six uses of ICE.

Waste water sampling by Professor Mueller and The University of Queensland found that in many areas across Australia, the discharge of ICE into our waste water increased by up to 480% over the past six years... and what are we doing about it?

Please Australia, let's unite and urge our National, State and Territory Governments to take action to do something different before its too late.

By signing this petition you are helping make a stand against this highly destructive drug and its corrosive effect on our society.

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